Ice cream is such a staple during the summertime. As kids, we would get so excited for the ice cream truck to come through the neighborhood and we would take forever deciding between a Screw Ball, Choco Taco, or Ninja Turtles pop just for the gumball eyes.

Unseasonably Warm Weather Hits East Coast
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One of the best homemade ice cream places in my neck of the woods (and still is to this day) is Confectionately Yours right on Route 27 in Franklin Park. The best strawberry ice cream I have ever had. It’s my go-to.

There are a ton of great homemade ice cream places in the Garden State that there’s no need to venture to the chain establishments (nothing against those places; Carvel ice cream cake is everyone’s favorite).

Yelp has recently named the best ice cream in every state and New Jersey’s pick is definitely not what I expected, and after conversing with others, it’s a spot no one has ever heard of, but apparently, it’s extremely popular.

Kubo Coffee and Creamery is located in Nutley, NJ, and focuses on boba, coffee, and mochi taiyaki ice cream.

Kubo - Google Earth
Kubo - Google Earth

Have you ever seen purple soft serve before? Well, you’ll find that to be one of the most popular menu items at Kubo.

Ube is a purple yam with a sweeter, nutty-vanilla-like taste and that’s what makes the ice cream that particular color.

Some of their popular items are the Ube Soft Serve Espresso, the Ube Mochi Taiyaki with boba, and the Ube Soft Serve Milk Tea.

According to the reviews on Yelp, Kubo is a small place with not much seating so if you can take it to-go, that seems like the better option.

Ube is not their only flavor. They offer the classic vanilla, Earl-Grey, and Matcha, and they currently have a Peanut Butter Crumble Soft Serve for a limited time.

They have all different kinds of drinks like flavored Iced Teas, Lemonades, Frappuccinos, and Lattes.

They also offer different treats aside from ice cream like croissants, cookies, brownies, and cake.

It’s definitely not your typical New Jersey ice cream shop, but maybe its uniqueness is the reason why it landed on the top of Yelp’s list.

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