From the grandparent scam to the IRS scam to everything in between New Jersey seems to have no end to the cons. No wonder the story behind American Hustle happened here. According to a Federal Trade Commission report from 2013, New Jersey fell within the top 10 states for most fraud complaints. Nice.

We tend to think of elderly people as scam victims, but it can happen to anyone. Can it happen to you?

I found several quizzes that claim to test your ability to spot a scam or be scam savvy. Here's one from, another from, and finally one from I got a passing grade on all of these, but I didn't get a perfect score on all three. Goes to show you, maybe you're more gullible than you think. Take at least one of these quizzes and find out. If you get a great score share this post on your Facebook and brag to your friends. That's the American way, isn't it?

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