Sunday I had the pleasure of broadcasting my show from a remarkable place, Make A Wish of New Jersey’s Wishing Place in Monroe. It’s a majestic castle where those seriously ill children can go that’s free of limitations, confinement and stress. It’s a castle where those seriously ill children can imagine the possibilities of their wish.

The Make A Wish New Jersey chapter fulfilled over 400 wishes to those seriously ill children last year. There was Sophia, who after suffering a stroke at the age of two spent her third birthday as she wished in Walt Disney World Resort. There was Ryland who got the “Wish of a Lifetime” to go to the Weather Channel and forecast the weather live on TV. There was 10 year old Dakota whose wish was to have her own pool, and local firefighters in her community stepped up to make that a special wish.

I found such peace and fulfillment knowing that these children’s happiness and their family’s happiness strengthen a resolve to handle the ongoing battle that a child’s serious and in most cases terminal illness brings to the table. It’s a wonderful relief to the children and families. It gives them the strength to fight a little bit harder one more day.

To the many who came out and walked for The Walk of Wishes, thank you for your support. If you’d like to donate and continue the great work of Make A Wish New Jersey, I thank you and the children and families who need a wish thank you too. You can donate at

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