As novel coronavirus cases continue to spike in New Jersey, there are renewed concerns about indoor gatherings and potentially another round of panic buying.

For the third time in five days, confirmed cases have topped 3,000 per day. More than 1,800 are hospitalized and for the first time in months, more than 100 people are in need of life-supporting ventilators. Murphy says the numbers are concerning, and continues to suggest you cancel all indoor gatherings, including Thanksgiving dinner and other holiday celebrations.

New regulations are now in effect for indoor dining in New Jersey. Indoor dining must end at 10 p.m. No service is allowed at a bar and even standing in the bar area is banned. Outdoor dining, including in those pop-up igloos, is permitted.

New York is following New Jersey's lead with limits on indoor dining and bar service. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is also capping all indoor gatherings to no more than 10. New Jersey Gov. Murphy has not announced any new restrictions since unveiling the limits on bars and restaurants that go into effect today, but says all options remain on the table. He has repeatedly blamed indoor gatherings as the biggest source of this latest surge in coronavirus, and it would be no surprise if he were to impose restrictions similar to New York.

Retailers like Wegmans, Target, and Stop-and-Shop say they will continue to ration things like toilet paper and cleaning products through the end of the year as supplies remain tight and to guard against another round of panic buying.

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