It’s happened again.

A third water bucket attack on uniformed police officers in NYC. This video turned up Wednesday, two days after similar videos emerged. In this case it appears to have taken place in the Bronx. A large group hooting and hollering and carrying numerous buckets of water approach two female officers. The cops take a few steps back but get drenched nonetheless when the buckets are hurled at them. Others in the mob were carrying water guns.

The officers don’t appear to engage or even scold the idiots involved. They just took it. See the troubling NSFW video and New York Post article about the incident here.

The prior two incidents happened in Brooklyn and Harlem. One while police were busy handcuffing a suspect in an apparently unrelated incident. Both videos were posted on social media. After the first two dousings NYPD Chief Of Department Terence Monahan urged police not to take it lying down. The NY Post quotes an anonymous source within the department as saying, “It’s going to keep happening until the cops start acting like cops. This looks like it’s becoming a disgusting trend. You’re going to see this happening all over the city now, everyone trying for one-upsmanship.”

They certainly have a point when three incidents happened in three different boroughs. This is not an isolated neighborhood thing. It’s going to spread if not dealt with, and sadly it’s likely to spread across the river here to New Jersey. When it does, I hope departments are smart enough to put political correctness and progressive idealism aside and deal with these thugs swiftly.

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