Truthfully, outside of supporting Aaron Rodgers and his courageous stance against the COVID propaganda and working with some of my friends who support the New York Football Giants to raise money for charity, I'm no longer an NFL fan.

I grew up an Eagles fan in the 1970s and early 80s, cutting out newspaper articles and picks from the local Philly papers and taping them to my wall.

Harold Carmichael, Ron Jaworski, and Wilbert Montgomery are all sports heroes of my youth.

NFL Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony
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It was a BIG deal when the Eagles 1980 season ended with a trip to Super Bowl XV.

The loss was crushing, but the anticipation of a return trip kept us going through the off-season.

I remember being at a Phillies playoff game when George Vukovich hit a walk-off home run over the right field wall to win game 4 over the Montreal Expos and force a game 5.

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Watching the team lose the final game was disappointing for sure but we left with the excitement that the Eagles won that day taking their record to 6-0.

As the years passed, I stayed a fan but rarely got to games as an adult other than to carve out a few games a year to take the kids when they were young.

It wasn't just the kneeling for the anthem or the taxpayer subsidies for the military flyovers, the final straw with the NFL was the cowardly name changes that satisfied no one outside of woke elitists who have been on a mission to erase American culture.

Actually, for a brief moment, when the owners of the Washinton Redskins refused to buckle to PC nonsense, I bought tickets to a game in DC and drove with my son and friends to take in a game. Then they caved.

WAshington Redskins may be forced to change their name
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It seems that now, the Super Bowl ads and the halftime entertainment take center stage over the game. With the propaganda about the COVID shots and the soap opera-level relationships between players and singers, I just have zero interest in paying any attention.

The idea that tickets are being resold between $8,000 and $85,000 is completely off the charts. Shows that the game itself has moved away from normal fans just wanting a great and tough gridiron contest. It's all about putting on a show for the super-wealthy.

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