When we first bought our house in a new development in the 1980's everyone was in the same boat as us.

They were young couples in their early thirties with one or two young kids. The first Christmas we were all there, a few of the families got together and went Christmas caroling on the next block.

We brought some adult beverages and had a hilariously great time. Those days are apparently long gone.

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The tradition of Christmas caroling door to door is a ritual that has been part of the holiday season for centuries.

It is a time-honored practice that has been passed down through generations and is a cherished part of the Christmas season.

Unfortunately, the practice of going door to door singing Christmas carols has become increasingly rare in the state of New Jersey.

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The primary reason for the decline in Christmas caroling door to door is safety. In a world where people are increasingly concerned with their own security, it is understandable that they would be hesitant to open their doors to strangers.

Many homeowners are wary of opening their doors to unfamiliar faces, especially with the increase in crime in some areas.

This concern has lead to a sharp decline in the number of people willing to take part in the tradition of Christmas caroling.

Another reason for the decrease in Christmas caroling door to door is the lack of community engagement.

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As the population of New Jersey becomes increasingly diverse, many people are not familiar with the Christmas caroling tradition.

This lack of familiarity and understanding can lead to people feeling uncomfortable when approached by strangers going around as carolers.

Plus, as people become more and more disconnected from their community, the sense of shared celebration that accompanies the tradition of Christmas caroling is lessened.

Finally, the rise of technology has had a major impact on the way people celebrate the holidays.

People are increasingly turning to digital platforms such as video chat and livestreams to connect with friends and family.

This makes it difficult for the tradition of Christmas caroling to survive, as people are less likely to go out and sing carols when they can easily send a digital holiday greeting instead.

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The tradition of Christmas caroling door to door in New Jersey has been waning in recent years, but there is still hope that it can be revived.

You can post alerts on community Facebook groups or the Next Door app and even lawn signs in the neighborhood you're doing it in.

With New Jersey being such an uptight, northeast state, it might be a tough sell, but if we convince millennials, it was their idea.....hmmmm, maybe!

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