We do so many things differently in New Jersey that sometimes we forget we're the ones that are unique from most of the other states. This holds true for New Jersey's roadways.

For one, we're the only state that doesn't have self-serve at the pumps (at least, for now). Most in this state have no idea how lucky they are to have this luxury (well, a luxury some, not all of us).

We're also one of the few states where we pay to travel on many of our highways. Yes, there are other toll roads in this country, but New Jersey seems to be extra good at squeezing every last penny out of us.

Have you ever tried to cross our bridges or tunnels to leave the state? Gets expensive pretty quickly.

But there is one thing in New Jersey that many of us don't do, but legally can in certain situations. That thing is putting chains on your tires in snowy or icy weather.

Car with mounted snow chains in wintry environment

Now to be clear, this doesn't refer to well-maintained or cleared roadways. This is probably why you don't see this much around here (with the exception of the hilly northwestern part of the state).

Even though this is allowed in certain situations, should it be? Think about the average New Jersian for a moment. Even if using chains for your car isn't an issue for you, it most likely would cause more problems if we all tried to use them.

Here are a few reasons why it's probably a bad idea to do this in New Jersey. Again, think of the average New Jersian.


1) We don't have time to deal with this

New Jersey is fast and always in a rush. So it's only logical to conclude that no matter how snowy or icy the roads are, we just can't be bothered by such a task.

Colorful question marks on a black background

2) It's too complicated

Do you mean, we actually have to figure it out on our own? No, thank you.

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3) We would make our roads even worse

There's no way your average New Jersian would know when to keep the chains on or when to take them off.

So even if we put our chains on to help us out with traction, we'll certainly become oblivious to the fact that we put them on in the first place. The end result? We keep them on when the pavement is fine and we tear up the roads even more.


4) We can't even get snow removal right

Think about how many times we see individuals with mountains of snow on their cars. If we can't even figure that one out, how in the world are we going to master chains?

Self-serve gas pump
Twitter, @NJGov

5) And finally, we can't even get gas right

The only state in the country that doesn't have self-serve, and many of its residents refuse to have the option. Probably the only way we would use chains properly is if we had the gas attendant put them on and off for us.

Winter Weather

We have to admit it. As a state, we don't like to lift a finger for anything. So it only makes sense that we should stay off the roads until the road crews do what they need to do to make them safe for travel.

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