It wasn't that long ago when other motorists caught a group of drivers on camera halting traffic and doing donuts in the middle of an intersection on State Route 35 in Perth Amboy. We see things like this all the time but rarely are they caught on camera like this.

Drivers like this are all over the Garden State. Just think about how often you're driving along on the highway minding your own business when suddenly a group of younger drivers come speeding along trying to race each other.

Or, it may also be a lone driver weaving in and out of traffic while nearly causing an accident. It's those incredibly stupid drivers on our roadways that can make it extremely hazardous to drive in the Garden State.

Not that this kind of nonsense doesn't happen in other states. What makes New Jersey especially dangerous is the fact that we're already a crowded state with roads that are heavily traveled on a regular basis.

Car swerve / skidding on the road

A time to be stupid?

The thing with some of these drivers is this. For as reckless as they are, they actually do have some valuable driving skills.

The problem, however, is that these particular drivers are completely irresponsible and put other lives in harm's way. And more often than not it's either drivers who are still teens or in their early 20s.

And yes, it's really quite impressive how some of them can handle their cars. Most New Jersey drivers wouldn't have a clue how to quickly get their car out of a tricky situation.

The problem with these younger drivers is that they want to show off or one-up each other. In other words, they want to be incredibly stupid.

Parking lot

Parking and abandoned lots

With that said, it is important for all drivers to understand how to handle their vehicle should they ever be stuck in a situation that requires quick action behind the wheel.

Doing donuts actually does help you learn how to control your car should you ever get hit while traveling on the road. And all new drivers should know how their vehicle handles.

Abandoned lots are a great place to practice those skills. But to be clear, this is only for safety and should never be done on purpose with the flow of traffic.

Empty Parking Spaces in a Parking Lot
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The only exception

Look, if you must drive exceptionally stupid, then do it in a place where you're not putting anyone else in harm's way. It's actually important to know how to handle your car should you ever be involved in an accident.

But it's the only exception that should be given. If you drive like that to practice control of your car, that's good. But if you intentionally drive like an idiot on the roads to show off, that's bad.

We were all young once and all did our fair share of stupid things. This one is a fine line between knowing important driving skills, to risking other peoples' lives.

Car driving aggressively / donuts on the road

Floods and other hazards

The same can be said about flooding, snow, and ice. If you can master handling your vehicle in those situations, then you're in a good place. But again, doing it safely and not in general traffic is the only exception.

And if you do donuts or weave and race on public roads in traffic, then you're just incredibly stupid and not mature enough to be on the roads. Practice the skills in a safe location, and only use them on the main roads should you ever be put in a situation where those skills will help keep you and others safe.

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