Every year, New Jersey undergoes a spooky transformation. It actually starts off very innocently in August, when the first Spirit Halloweens, as well as other Halloween pop-up stores, start making their presence known.

By the time we get to October, we're all ready for the full frights of Halloween. By this time, we usually have a good idea of how we'll dress up for the big day, as well as how we might be celebrating the scariest time of the year.

One problem, however, is what day Halloween might fall on. For a small period of time, we're usually safe with Halloween landing on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. But more times than not, we're stuck with the big day falling on a random weekday.

But what if New Jersey did something about it? What if instead of waiting for October 31, we moved Halloween to the last weekend of the month? It's certainly an idea worth exploring.

Why NJ should have a designated weekend for Halloween instead of one day

It only seems logical to get a full weekend instead of a random single day at the end of the month

Alrighty, time to see what you think. Would you be in favor of moving Halloween to the final Sunday of October, or should we leave it right where it is on October 31? Let us know below.

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