A recent survey from the website WalletHub ranks New Jersey 12th overall of best and worst places for singles. We should be near or at the top of the list, with all the things to do and great people to meet. Have you been to other states? Have you seen the people that live in other states? There are many other beautiful states in the country: great scenery, tremendous natural resources, clean air, and weird looking dumb people with nowhere to take them.

We scored lower in "maintenance" due to the high cost of haircuts and beauty salons. Ok, but all the grooming in the world can't help some of the people I've seen in other states. Don't get me wrong, there are beautiful, decent people in every other state. But where are you going to take them, Sizzler? We are the most densely populated state with tons of options on things to do and places to go. Plus, most people go on a date to grab some food and no state can compete with us there.

The list states that came out ahead of us is baffling. Wisconsin? Illinois? Yeah, go on a few dates in Florida and tell me how many of them had warrants out for their arrest. And that's just the women. Try to find a someone in Texas that's not a scary bible thumper or raging alcoholic, but I don't like making sweeping generalizations. If you can find a Californian that's not a total space cadet, forward me their info. Try meeting someone in Ohio and then tell me about the scintillating conversation you had at In N Out Burger.

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