Lotta questions pop into your head when you see the picture of a baby crawling in the middle of a busy road in Lakewood. How did the baby get there? Where are the parents? Why did the truck driver who came upon the scene take a pic first? All valid questions to raise.

Some say that by raising the questions that the parents and the good Samaritan are being shamed. That's absurd. Maybe someone should be shamed. After all a baby was in the middle of a busy road and could have been easily killed by a driver who may have not even noticed.

And I understand the driver in this case wanting to protect himself from possible accusations, but taking the pic from inside the truck while the baby is on the road creates at least a concern about timing.

That said, the driver did save the baby and that makes him a hero. Our news department will continue to follow up on the status of Child Protective Services as they look into how this happened in the first place. I will tell you this, if a GoFundMe page pops up over this then I will be revisiting the entire issue...#conspiracy?

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