Growing up in New Jersey, the shore was an important part of growing up. The end of school always marked that first trip to Sea Isle City where my grandparents had a small home on Landis Avenue a couple blocks from the beach. The cottage a had a couple bedrooms and a small bathroom and of course a staple of the Jersey Shore, an outside shower.

Sea Isle is a great community and when my wife and I relocated back to NJ from Washington DC, we moved into my grandparents new house a few blocks away from the cottage. Our plan was to fix it up and get it ready to sell as we settled into our new life. It was an exciting time, and the start of our love for New Jersey.

Still love the Jersey Shore and like many of you, I’m increasingly annoyed that the Governor continues his mode of ‘crisis actor’ instead of understanding that the actual crisis has passed. He’s using testing numbers in other states to describe them as "going through hell again," but fails to recognize that with 500,000+ tests being conducted every day in the US, the number of positive cases was sure to rise. AND most importantly, the percentage of positive cases continues to DECLINE.

Given the evidence, it’s time for the Governor to stop his daily briefings and let the state get back to normal. There are simply too many other choices around the region for beaches, restaurants and bars. If he decides to close the state again, people will do what the great economist Milton Friedman said they always do, vote with their feet.

Let’s fight to dig in and bring NJ back to the greatness of the past. Unmask and hit the beach. See ya there!

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