Jim was discussing beer this morning and the story we have on our website regarding the lawsuit brought against Anheuser-Busch for allegedly watering down their beers, specifically, Budweiser and Michelob.

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Jim got to discussing stouts and the growth of popular craft beers and micro breweries in NJ. There are currently 27 breweries in NJ. The New York Times even recently ran an article on the new rules that will let more beer flow.

Under the new laws, microbreweries can now sell samples of their product for consumption on the premises but they cannot serve food and visitors must take a tour of the site to be able to consume the product.

Now microbreweries can also sell up to the equivalent of a keg of beer to a consumer. Previously, the breweries were only allowed to sell two six-packs per consumer.

Microbreweries and brew pubs still have tough restrictions, but it looks like the guidelines may be loosening...somewhat.

Flying Fish Beer has a great 'exit series' that models each beer after a certain trait of the corresponding exit in the Garden State. You can view the series and their production by clicking HERE.

Here are some of Jim's favorite beer picks/recommendations, as well as favorites from other members of the morning show:

Jim's Gearhart's picks:

  • River Horse Oatmeal Stout
  • Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout


Justin Hare's picks:

  • Flying Fish Hopfish
  • River Horse Oatmeal Milk Stout


Producer Irene Lenhart's picks:

  • Long Valley Pub & Brewery's German Valley Amber
  • River Horse Hop Hazard

What are some of your favorite NJ microbreweries and and brew pubs? List them in the comment field below.