The other day I opened a box, and amongst the contents was "People" magazine from February 10th 1986.  As I'm flipping through it, I find a music review that PANS the Bangles!

The Bangles, formed in Los Angeles in 1981, and originally known as "The Bangs," was made up of sisters Vicki and Debbi Peterson, Michael Steele (female), and Susannah Hoffs (who went solo in 1991). An all-girl rock band is a rarity on the "pop charts."

The Bangles second album, "Different Light" had just hit the store shelves.  "Manic Monday," a song written by Prince (and credited as "Christopher"), had just been released as a single, and as a video.  "People" music critic David Hiltbrand called the song (and album) "dithering drivel." While he liked their debut album "All Over The Place," the critic stated: "the four women really flounder in their follow-up." Further, "lead guitarist Vicki Peterson couldn't even handle Jeff Beck's tuning fork."  OUCH! This album of "drivel" spawned "Manic Monday" (#2 pop, 1 week, 1986) and "Walk Like An Egyptian" (#1 pop, 4 weeks, 1986). "Walk" was written by a fan, and submitted to the band! It was the Bangles' biggest hit! And, the Bangles ruled to Top 40 radio several more times before disbanding in 1989.

Apparently, we the record-buyung public disagreed with David Hiltbrand.  As one person who was wronged by a critic once pointed out (and I may be paraphrasing): "They never built a monument to a critic."

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