Saturday Night Jersey 80's

Craig Allen says: ‘Meet Eddy Grant’
Vintage Eddy Grant radio station vinyl! Played on the air, back in the day...this vinyl sold a LOT of records in New Jersey! (Craig Allen photo).Eddy Grant is best known for his musical "rock" down "Electric Avenue" in the "Big 80's," but he…
Meet Taylor Dayne
Last weekend, on "Saturday Night Jersey 80's, I heard Ray Rossi say:"Coming up next, Leslie Ann know her as..." and I knew that was my was time to write her story!
Twitter 1980's-Style
Technology has come a long way, even since the 80s. A text was something you lent your friend in English class. Skype was something you got from a one night stand. And a tweet was the sound a bird made. Have you ever wondered what Twitter would have looked like in the 80s?

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