It's the social event of the year in my neighborhood!

THIS is the place to race! (Craig Allen photo).

The Annual/Memorial Tractor Race!

It's just what it sounds like!

At 1pm, there are two tractors...(mine on the right)...soon there will be more! (Craig Allen photo).

If you are new to this...each year the "cool kids" in my neighborhood gather on the Sunday afternoon of Memorial Day Weekend.

Pre-race! (Craig Allen photo).

We catch up with each other...over a few adult beverages (age appropriate)...for a few hours...we race LAWN MOWERS IN THE STREETS for a few minutes...then we party into the night!

The racer "Watch List" from the race brochure is posted for all to enjoy! (Craig Allen photo).

It's all in fun...BUT...

Your author is on the "Watch List!" (Craig Allen photo).

...its competitive!

The winner takes this "major award" home for a year! (Craig Allen photo).

After all...the winner gets "bragging rights" for a year, and the TROPHY!

Did I say party?

No one told the kids that the the afternoon cool/COLD! (Craig Allen photo).

Festivities get underway at 2:30...

Race Founder Jerry is also your grillmaster! (Craig Allen photo).

It's and games...all afternoon...

"Can Jam" anyone? (Craig Allen photo).

As excited racers continue to arrive...

Steve arrives...wearing his traditional "beer hat!" (Craig Allen photo).

...and join in on the pre-race food...

"DJ Craig"...your author...grabbing a burger. YUMMY! (Craig Allen photo archives).

...and fun!

It's a PARTY! (Craig Allen photo).

And...the number of tractors...

I said that there would be more tractors! (Craig Allen photo).

grows and GROWS!

At around 5:30...

Race time draws near! (Craig Allen photo).'s time to make the short trek from party central to the starting line!

Don't "soak" DJ! (Craig Allen photo).

Oh...I forgot to mention...racers and spectators are not only allowed to bring "water reinforcement"...its ENCOURAGED!

Anticipation...GROWS! And pre-race water balloons FLY! (Craig Allen photo).

"Fed Ex Pat" (of "Friendly Christmas Lights Competition" fame here at is set to race...and SOAK all comers!

Pat and Jackie are ready to race in the "wrapped" tractor! (Craig Allen photo).

And, it looks like he has a...SPONSOR? It's a long of which tractor race legends are made!

FUTURE racer! (Craig Allen photo).

Above...the future of this annual neighborhood event is assured!

The "Pace Jeep" is in place!

"Thumbs UP" from the official"Pace Jeep!" (Craig Allen photo).

It's almost...

We're OFF...and RACING! (Craig Allen photo archives).


Race! (Craig Allen photo archives).

Let the watery mayhem begin!

Take AIM! (Craig Allen photo archives).
Racers and spectators are in on the action! (Craig Allen photo archives).
Let that balloon fly, Dr. Mike! (Craig Allen photo archives).
Look closely...good balloon catch! (Craig Allen photo archives).
NO racers finish...DRY! (Craig Allen photo archives).
"Cornershow Bob" is in the lead...and being PELTED! (Craig Allen photo archives).
Here they approach...the finish line! (Craig Allen photo archives).
Thumbs UP at the finish line! (Craig Allen photo archives).

And, yes...the "soaking" continues...

Super Soakers" at a slightly smaller backyard pool! (Craig Allen photo archives). the "post-race party!"

Question for the "Rules Committee": Is THIS a legal "Super Soaker?" (Craig Allen photo archives).

So...the big question is:

Math Teacher Jerry: "May I have your attention, please?" (Craig Allen photo).

WHO wins the prized trophy for 2017?

"Cornershow Bob" graciously accepts his "major award"...AGAIN! (Craig Allen photo).

2015 Winner...Cornershow Bob!

The FIRST two-time race history!

As the party continues into the night...

Race Founder Jerry, Cornershow Bob, and your author "strike a pose!" (Craig Allen photo archives).

...MEMORIES are made that will...

My social media page reminds me that some traditions...never go out of style! (Craig Allen photo archives).

...last a lifetime!

The 'hood, 2017! (Craig Allen photo archives).

I am sooo lucky to live in the greatest neighborhood!

That's a wrap...til NEXT YEAR...race fans!