Twitter 1980's-Style
Technology has come a long way, even since the 80s. A text was something you lent your friend in English class. Skype was something you got from a one night stand. And a tweet was the sound a bird made. Have you ever wondered what Twitter would have looked like in the 80s?
Top 5 Scary 80s Movies [LIST/VIDEOS]
The 80s were absolutely the decade of the "scary" or "horror" movie. So many classics, so many iconic characters, so many really bad plot lines. Even so, there were dozens of flicks from the big 80s that scared the pants off of us. It was tough, but I chose my top…
80s Prom Songs – The Top 10 [LIST]
As a teen, it's the biggest night of your life. You look in the mirror, smile and say "Yes! Let's do this." We're talking about prom. So many aspects made that night unforgettable. Your date, your friends, your ride, your outfit (wow). But then there's that all …
Craig At The Field Of Dreams [PHOTOS, VIDEO]
Last Friday, during the 6:00 hour, the fun and games hour, I had the pleasure of being a "lifeline" while Jeff Deminski was testing your knowledge of dialog from famous movies. As it happens, a line from the "Field Of Dreams" came up...

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