If “Seinfeld” was a show about nothing then What’s Normal is a 3-question poll about nothing.

Nothing that really matters anyway. And that might just be the charm of it. It’s not divisive politics, it’s not anything to turn us against one another. The only arguing here is fun arguing.

So we have a blizzard bearing down soon on coastal New Jersey. We decided to do a What’s Normal dedicated to snow.

Three things Bill and I disagree on:

I say most people have never actually made a snowman. Like a full, finished, complete snowman. I felt like a dope to admit to co-workers I had never actually done it.

I felt like this must be an aberration until producer Kylie Moore said she never had either. Then I found two more people who hadn’t when it occurred to me, this is probably one of those things we only assume everyone has done.

3 snowmen outdoors

Think about how perfect the conditions have to be. It has to be just the right type of snow. Not too light and fluffy. It needs to be heavier and wet, but not wet to the point of slush.

And it takes a really long time. I remember getting one halfway built as a kid and simply getting bored. I mean look, if everyone made them wouldn’t we see a snowman on every single lawn?

Bill Doyle, of course, thought I was crazy. So that’s what started this round. Then there were our disagreements on whether most people own a snowblower (he thought no and I thought yes), and whether most people park their car in a garage (he thought yes and I thought no).

What was debated on-air is offered up here but the online results don’t count towards the on-air bet we had against each other.

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