Did you know that New Jersey ranks 47th on the list of best designs for U.S. flags? The state coat of arms, with the horses head above it, which could be a tribute to "The Godfather" and two women, Liberty and Prosperity, which sounds like the names of dancers, just ain't cutting it with the rest of the country.

So I asked my listeners, as well as my twitter and FB followers to come up with some things that we could put on a new flag that would represent today's New Jersey. Here's what you came up with:

The "State Bird" - which by their definition is a middle finger.

The Mosquito - we're talking a Jersey mosquito, you know the ones that are so big they could pass as a state bird.

The George Washington Bridge - in homage to our Governor.

Taylor Ham/ pork roll - for this you would need one flag for north Jersey and one for South Jersey. There are those who would like that divide regardless.

we surrender... Never in Jersey!

Jersey Devil eating a tomato - since the devil is so hot, wouldn't he turn the tomato to gravy?...or as somje say sauce?

Exit sign - now that I could see!

Beach tag and parking ticket - better on the New Jersey tourism flag.

A light house - that would actually look nice.

Personally I'm hoping one day soon we can add a gas pump and marijuana leaf.

What would you like to see on a New Jersey flag?

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