When the city of Westfield decided to get together and put together a time capsule of things that were representative of 2020 in that town, we thought it was a great idea. In fact, we challenged our listeners to come up with quintessential “New Jersey 2020” items for statewide time capsule.

We asked folks what we should put in it that would most accurately depict life in New Jersey in 2020. Let’s say we crack this baby open 100 years from now. Imagine the questions that will take place!

Cell phone
100 years from now, we’ll probably be using something different to communicate with. A chip implanted in the brain perhaps?

Surgical mask
Someone will remove this from the capsule and say, “Oh yeah. That’s because of that pandemic they had back then.“

Yeti water bottle
This is probably going to be difficult to explain. How will future generations feel about the fact that we spent $30 on a bottle. For water.

Beach tag
New Jersey life is so unique in that we have to pay to get on the beach. Will future generations understand this? Or even believe it? A beach tag is the perfect way to document this crazy institution.

Amusement park ride bracelet
Whether it’s from the Steel Pier in Atlantic City or Jenkinson‘s Boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach, boardwalk amusement park bracelets are part and parcel of life in New Jersey.

Nasal swab
They’ll pull this out and realize we actually stuck these all the way up our noses, practically to our brains in massive numbers during the big scary pandemic.

Whether it’s White House subs in A.C., or Rats in Trenton, we want future generations to understand how cool the quintessential New Jersey restaurants were!

A photo of breakfast
When this is extracted from the capsule, you’ll have to explain why good looking meals had to be photographed and shared online. Good luck with that.

Property tax bill
“Wowwww! this was a lot of money back then! Is this how much it cost to buy a house In the olden days?”
“Nah that’s just the tax you had to pay to live in the house you ALREADY owned.”

MVC line ticket
We better save one of these for posterity or who will believe that we needed a ticket for a six hour line to get into the motor vehicle commission? Kind of like the ticket you get at the delicatessen.

“MAGA” hat
Several generations from now, someone will have to explain why the sight of this clothing accessory would cause people to froth with anger. Probably the only clothing accessory that could achieve the same effect.

COVID-19 stimulus check
Our great great great great grandkids will ask “so they just gave away money for nothing?”
“Yes, the government did that sometimes.”
“But why?”
“Well they closed their businesses.”
“ But why?”
“Um. ... Well it’s hard to explain.”

Plastic Bag
Someone will pull this out and say, “Hey too bad these were so dangerous for the environment! This would’ve been a great way to carry groceries... so much more convenient than carrying them in our hands the way we do now!”

Paper Bag
“Well why did they ban THIS one if it was the plastic that was dangerous?”
“Logan, shut up and finish your plant-based dinner.”

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi's own.

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