Fallen trees have caused power outages throughout New Jersey and we've talked about the safety of the tree care workers. What do you do about the trees that fall on your own property?

Kelly Allard, my sister in law who owns White Horse Tree Care LLC, offers this advice.

There are three major reasons to call a tree company to inspect your concerns:

  1. Uprooting or leaning trees when you see the roots pop up on the lawn. This has potential danger of falling during rainy wind storms.
  2. If you see holes in trees which will allow rain, snow, sleet and critters to settle in causing the tree to eventually hollow out over time and fall.
  3. Limbs continuously falling from tree suggesting removal or corrective cutting needed.

Potential customers should confirm the following before hiring a tree company:

Make sure that they are registered with NJ TREE EXPERTS which is the new law established to assure experienced professionals are hired and the proper insurance and sales tax is paid by the company, also that all laws pertaining to conducting tree service in New Jersey are met.

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