So. Much. Snow (and ice, and flooding depending on where you live in the Garden State). But New Jersey comedian and NJ 101.5 fill-in host Dena Blizzard is prepared.

For some mommies, snow storms mean a day inside with the kids. Most parents are well-equipped, having already braved the over-crowded supermarkets Monday to clear the store shelves of eggs, bread and milk...just in case the snowpocalypse prevented them from emerging from their homes again for several days. Blizzard, however, had a slightly different shopping list.

By now, pretty much everyone has seen NJ comedian Vic DiBitetto's pre-snow storm "Bread and Milk" video where he rushes to the store in a hilarious panic. In a spoof of his viral video, Blizzard frantically heads out to purchase the two essential items that she feels stressed-out New Jersey mommies should have on hand before a winter storm - wine and tampons. What's on your list?

Toniann Antonelli is digital managing editor for programming at NJ 101.5. She can be reached at, or on Twitter @ToniRadio1015.

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