When New Jersey comedian, mom and NJ 101.5 personality Dena Blizzard set out to spoof the wildly popular "Pokemon Go" app, she had no idea the three-minute video of her hunt for elusive glasses of chardonnay would attract international attention.

As people continue to obsess over Pokemon Go, Blizzard decided to do a live Facebook video spoofing the game with her own "app" called "Chardonnay Go." The idea is to have adult users stare at their phones as they hunt for glasses of wine. In less than a week, the video has been viewed more than 21 million times. Blizzard said the response has been overwhelming.

"We had no idea so it’s kind of fun. We’ve been celebrating," Blizzard said.

The comedian and former Miss New Jersey has been approached for interviews and she recently learned the Chardonnay Go video has even gained popularity across the pond.

Courtesy of Dena Blizzard
Courtesy of Dena Blizzard

"We were on CNN yesterday and now apparently it’s a huge hit in the UK, and I’m just over here folding laundry in Jersey," she joked.

Aside from poking fun at the Pokemon Go obsession and turning her into a social media sensation, the video has also provided much-needed comic relief to people who have been going through hard times, Blizzard said.

"The nice thing about it is that people have been messaging me that they're having hard times and the video made them smile," she said. "You just hear from all of these women who are having daily struggles, and this is helping them, so it's been nice to get these notes."

Blizzard said she and a few others did a quick run-through before they broadcast the video on Facebook Live, which means the entire project took only a few minutes.

So how many glasses of wine were discovered (and consumed) in the making of the Chardonnay Go video? Not too many, Blizzard says. "I probably had about five sips."

Blizzard's comedy isn't confined to the Internet, however. She's taken material from her stand-up show and turned it into a 90-minute off-Broadway show called "One Funny Mother" that highlights the trials and tribulations of motherhood. During the one-woman show, Blizzard covers topics ranging from carpools and laundry to bath time, and she describes herself as the self-proclaimed mayor of "crazy town."

As she continues to celebrate the success of the recent video, Blizzard said she's not done with the Pokemon Go craze just yet (and no, she's never actually played the new game). She recently filmed a "Chardonnay Go with My Drunk Mom" video where the names of the different Pokemon are (mis)pronounced in a wine-induced haze. That should be hitting the information superhighway soon, she said.

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