Dena Blizzard is "One Funny Mother" and her views on all things motherhood usually go viral. Here's her latest video "A SIMPLE Explanation of Our Simple Hybrid Plan" is doing just that! I asked the former Miss New Jersey and fill in New Jersey 101.5 fill-in host to fill us in.

Check out the exchange we had via email about her viral video.

When did you get the idea to write it?

"A kind woman in my town posted an explanation of our town's school schedule….and her explanation confused me even more. Frankly, I think my head exploded."

How long did it take to put it together? What has the reaction been?

"It didn’t take long to write. Don’t they say 'Art imitates Life?' We took the ACTUAL ridiculous emails my friends and family were getting and made them more ridiculous….if that’s even possible."

How has the reaction been?

"The reaction has been good. I wanted to be sure that people knew it was coming from a place and 'finding the funny' and not attacking anyone. I really believe people are trying their best to figure this out…it’s just that the solutions are limited … and sometimes seem crazy."

As a mother who's now dealing with this stuff, how are you coping?

'I have the philosophy that everyone will be left behind in the same proportions. As a family, we’ve decided to focus on life skills. Sure, my kids will be in school but why not have them lay a new floor in my laundry room to learn geometry or take over the food shopping to learn budgeting or economics. Will this be a 'normal' school year? No. But at least I’d have a new floor and have time to read a book without the burden of taking care of food shopping:)."

I like that idea!

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