The Bridgewater-Raritan school district is warning parents about a game a number of students are apparently playing after-hours.

It's called "Assassins," and it involves teams of kids each trying to eliminate members of the other teams. A team member is eliminated when they are shot with a water gun or other device.

The game has also caught the attention of police, since the kids often wear ski masks and the guns can look realistic.

The school is urging parents to talk to their kids about the game, and to insist they do not run from police.

"If your child does in fact participate in this," the post reads, "Please reinforce that under no circumstances should they run or avoid the police, as the police are trying to ensure that no illegal activity is taking place."

School officials say the game is primarily played by seniors at the high school, but the activity is banned on school property.

"We are asking parents to please speak to your child about this activity," the district posted on Facebook, "So we can help keep the Bridgewater-Raritan Students and Community safe."

The game is not new. It's been played for years and the internet is full of "official rules" and videos of the contest.

You can view some of the clips here and here.


Police have also been warning about the game for years as well, concerned about the potential for officers to mistake game players for a genuine threat.

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