Do we really know what the situation is going to be when kids go back to school in September? Will they be wearing masks? Many parents hope not and they as well as their children have let the superintendents know. Governor Murphy plans to have all students back in school with no virtual learning. Some parents hope not. 

New Jersey Parents for Personal Choice set up a booth at the New Jersey Lottery Festival of Ballooning this past weekend and collected 726 signatures as of Sunday morning on a petition calling on Governor Murphy to allow the option of virtual learning when the school year begins. The keyword here is "option". No one is saying you can't send your child back to the preferred in-class learning.


Connecticut Students Return To School With Hybrid Model During COVID-19 Pandemic
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I think this is a terrific idea! Not everyone is comfortable sending their child back to school.


Maybe they don't want to deal with the masks should that happen, maybe they're not comfortable with who's vaccinated and who's not, maybe the student does better learning virtually or maybe they'd just rather home school their child but don't quite know how to do it. What would be the problem with having the virtual option?


Now, this idea is not going over well with the powers that be. According to 

"Steve Baker, a spokesperson for the New Jersey Education Association, said the union is focusing on making sure that school buildings will be “safe” when students return".

Baker goes on to say:

"When our school buildings are safe, in-person instruction with their peers and educators is the best educational option for students, with very rare exceptions. Districts have always had to deal with the specific health needs of individual students and no doubt will continue to do so. Our focus now is to make sure that buildings are safe and that we are able to fully resume the in-person instruction that so many students, families, and educators really missed over the last year and a half,” Baker said.'

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Students are entitled to 12 grades of education in New Jersey. It's the parents whose taxes pay for that education. For what these parents pay for their children's education, they should be able to have the choice of how they want their children to receive it, especially now that it's been proven that it can be done.

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