New Jersey is full of quick thinkers, so it makes sense that some local innovators are crushing it on Kickstarter. It's a pretty cool feeling to help fellow NJ residents follow through on their vision, while getting to enjoy the result. (My family's played some intense travel games of 'Cow, Tiger, Santa Claus' since its Kickstarter project last year.)

Here's a handful of new products that are on the way to being made:

1. Lisa Frank Makeup with Glamour Dolls

Lisa Frank Glamour Dolls Makeup Kickstarter
(Glamour Dolls Makeup via Kickstarter)

Glamour Dolls Makeup in Secaucus has gotten a wave of support for its collab with 90's school supply icon Lisa Frank. Her rainbow & animal heavy designs are back for a new generation of fans. There's a makeup brush for pre-sale and the goal is to create six more products (including lip balm, highlight powder and a vegan leather makeup bag). The project ends on Kickstarter on April 2. It's about 500-percent funded, so it's got a bright future!

2. Amazing Hanger

These 'foldable,strong,durable,affordable,elegant' hangers pitched out of Newark apparently have wide appeal. Well before the project ends on Kickstarter on May 2, it's funding goal has already been raised and nearly doubled.

3. Umbra titanium flipper knife

Umbra flipper knife NJ Kickstarter products
(Jackson Knife& tool via Kickstarter)

For the outdoors enthusiast, Jackson Knife and Tool out of Hopatcong has created an impressive new titanium flipper knife. It's already fully funded, but the project is on Kickstarter through March 27.

4. TGO TOM backpack version 2

The TOM Backpack Version 2 out of Fort Lee is designed to hold all your gear safely and securely, whether you're working, hiking, traveling or all of the above. The Ultimate Backpack Redefined out of Fort Lee has met its funding goal, but there's still time to support the project on Kickstarter until April 21.

5. Dorys boat sandal shoes

Dorys boat sandal shoes NJ Kickstarter
(Cape Dory Rigging via Kickstarter)

This is an ambitious project by Cape Dory Rigging out of Somerdale. As 'boat shoes with the breath-ability of a sandal,' the hybrid footwear is touted as fast-drying and more secure than other slip-ons. The goal is to raise funds to make one-thousand pairs to start. The project runs on Kickstarter until April 13.

And, consider this very local 'NJ Kickstarter success' story: ‘Chardonnay Go’ is coming to your living room!

Chardonnay Go board game NJ Dena Blizzard
(Dena Blizzard via Kickstarter)

New Jersey comedian and NJ 101.5 fill-in host Dena Blizzard’s viral video is now a board game for “wine lovers, moms and other shameless people.” She's been able to make it happen through a Kickstarter campaign.

I think we'd better get our hands on a copy, stat!

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