A big storm is bearing down ... and Jersey's freaking out as Jersey always does.

To get in a warm and cozy spirit, I have decided to write a little poetry for all of the little girls and boys of New Jersey to enjoy.

'Twas the night before the blizzard
and all throughout the state

New Jerseyans were worried
about their late winter fate

People were listening to Dan Zarrow
and his ilk

While crowding their stores
clearing shelves of all bread and milk

The children all schemed
about a day off from school

While moms prepared three days
of soup or pasta fazool

You're already planning to stay home Tuesday
and tell your boss to go to hell

Unless you are one of the unfortunate

I know for this next line
I'll get a bunch of crap

But I'm tired of explaining to women
where they live on the precipitation map!

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