I love the expression "This ain't my first rodeo." Well, Saturday night was my first rodeo, and it was in Texas, where they know how to do rodeo.

It's a big deal and on Saturday night in Fort Worth in late January and early February, it's a hot ticket. I've watched the rodeo on TV since I was a kid and always found it fascinating. In person, it was awesome.

From the Pledge of Allegiance, which everybody recited together, to the National Anthem, which everybody sang together, to the prayer that the preacher gave at the beginning, it was a real cultural 180 from life in New Jersey.

People were dressed in plaid shirts, cowboy boots and cowboy hats, and everyone, I mean everyone, could not have been more pleasant and polite. It's good to get out of our zip code once in a while and I was WAY out of our zip code over the weekend.

If you haven't seen much of 'Murica" outside of this northeast bubble, you should, and if you ever have a chance to see a rodeo out west, GO!

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