We were talking on the air today about a BMW that took off from a traffic stop on the GSP in South Jersey. People were calling to tell us their stories about "running from the law" and then James called...

The second James got on the phone, he couldn't stress how great it was to finally be able to talk to us after listening to us for five years. The reason he wasn't able to call into the show before? He was serving time in prison.

We were overwhelmed by his positivity and how grateful he was to be able to start a new life. When asked about what sparked the need to make a better man of himself while in prison, James said it was his family, who would go out of their way just to see him for a short time while in jail.

It was such an emotional call, but we couldn't be more thrilled that he learned his lesson and is getting back on his feet. It very well may be the greatest phone call we've ever received.

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