While some people are riddled with fear about the coronavirus, Vic DiBitetto is handling it with humor as only he can. The Manalapan comedian whose "Bread and Milk" video creeps into our mind and on our media whenever it snows has come up with "I Gotta Get the Gloves and Soap."

Like "Bread and Milk," it's about 30 seconds of funny that will have you laughing for hours and telling your friends about for days.

My friend Vic called into my show on Monday night to talk about the bit and more.

"I'm making fun of the hysteria, not people dying," DiBitetto said when he called in. "I wish people would just lighten up and let's laugh again, my goodness."

Now fans of Vic's for a while now of course remember his "Bread and Milk" video that really put him on the map. We talked about the lasting impact of the video.

"Bread and Milk, that didn't really make or break me. That was a great thing, it gave me great exposure. I mean, you know I've been doing these videos since 2010. And all my videos put together, I have over, I can't even calculate, millions and millions of views. It's just, the social media is what really helped me out a lot in my career," he said.

Vic also had this to say about anyone who is hesitant about coming to his shows because of the coronavirus.

"We've been through Ebola, we've been through SARS. Whatever it was called, MRSA and Y2K, everything is gonna be okay, all right?" he said. "Come to my shows this weekend. If you bring sanitizer I'll sign it at the meet and greet. Lets let's just have fun."

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