The NJ Devils tried to get some hometown spirit going recently and it didn't go over as well as they probably had hoped. The Devils decided this season to replace the song that they usually play after they score a goal, Gary Glitter's "Rock & Roll Pt 2," with more of a local feel. After a goal was scored recently, they played Bon Jovi's "This Is Our House," which you would think would be a natural fit, right? Not so much. Watch the video below and listen tot he reaction the crowd gives as the song plays.

A chorus of boos cascaded down as the song was playing, so much so, that they haven't played it since. Most hockey fans consider "Rock & Roll Pt. 2" as much a part of the game as the ice it is played on.

So if the Devils aren't gong to use Gary Glitter's song and if NJ native Bon Jovi's song doesn't work, what will be the new goal song for them?  If you could pick the song, what song would you choose?

Leave your choices below.

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