Welp, it finally happened. I have a cat.

During Thursday's D&D show, my roommate informed me he was not only at the Monmouth County SPCA with his friends looking at kittens, but that he was considering pulling the trigger on bringing one home. Sure enough, when I arrived home there was a little kitten running around my apartment like it had just broken out of prison.

Now for the hard part. Naming him.

Joe V photo
Joe V photo

He came home with the name Tommy, but neither of us are fans of it. Personally, I think he looks like anything BUT a Tommy. That being said we definitely want to have his name solidified by the end of the weekend. We can only yell things like "GET OVER HERE CAT" or "CAT STOP BITING MY PHONE CHARGER" so many times before it starts sounding stupid.

What would you name our new pintsized roommate? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Cats Left at the Monmouth County SPCA

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