According to The Trentonian, a rookie police officer from Scotch Plains found herself on the other side of the law in a drunk driving incident. It happened nearly a year ago, but the newspaper sued to to obtain the dashcam footage which is why it's back in the news. Watch the video and see for yourself if you think police always get preferential treatment.

It began when Stephanie Roggina, of Flemington, was sitting at a stop sign at Route 629 and Hillcrest Road in Readington when a police cruiser came behind her. It was noticed that she sat there for a minute and a half without moving. Finally the working officer turned on his cherries to pull her over and she took off. She ended up striking a guard rail, kept going, and when she finally stopped a tense exchange occurs.

At three minutes in, the video shows her asking "Are you serious?" several times and, "Are you kidding me?" She points out many times that she's a police officer, as if that will make everything go away. To the officers credit handling the stop, they didn't let her go. In fact one said, "Well then you should know better, right?"

She was ultimately charged with third-degree eluding, driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, obstructing passage of other vehicles, and failure to yield to an emergency vehicle. A grand jury later indicted her for resisting arrest but that was downgraded. It's unclear what happened with all the other charges when they were heard in municipal court.

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