You know how New Jerseyans live to argue? We can’t agree on whether it’s a sub or a hoagie, a jimmy or a sprinkle. We can’t agree on whether we should pump our own gas or where or if Central Jersey is.

Well here’s an argument that so far has no winner but feel free to jump into this debate.

There’s a family in Freehold puzzled by mysterious sounds coming from beneath their backyard shed. It seems an animal, or really it sounds like two animals, got under there and their growls and yelps were captured in this video taken by our producer Kylie Moore. They’re Kylie’s next door neighbors, and they’d really like to know what creatures they’re dealing with here.

Listen carefully enough and you’ll hear two distinct sounds. One is a lower range, guttural throaty growl. The other is a higher end staccato squealing.

Is this one species killing another? Is this one animal mating with another? A mother of unknown species nursing its young? We played the audio on-air and asked for people's best guesses. Just like the jimmies sprinkles, subs hoagies, pork roll Taylor ham, not many could seem to agree.

One guy was absolutely convinced it was two possums mating, and claimed when possums mate the male bites down on the neck of the female and causes that female to have that yelp.

Another caller said he knew it was a raccoon killing a rabbit. That a rabbit when being killed would normally have a louder and more sustained scream but that the raccoon was choking its neck in its jaws causing the more interrupted squealing.

There were also guesses of a coyote with its pup. A ground hog killing a rabbit. One woman said she wasn’t certain of the species but that they were babies of some sort nursing.

Though several people agreed it was two foxes either having sex or acting up.

Any clue what’s making these sounds? We’d love to know.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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