Now we have to contend with bobcats? As you know, I've hit three deer in the past few years driving on our local roads. Thankfully, no real damage. Once I hit a deer on a back road in Montgomery and literally punted the animal across the street about 15 yards. When I was learning to drive my instructor told me to hold the wheel, 10 and 2, and drive through the deer if it was too difficult to stop. I had that voice in my head as I drove through the animal, making a split decision with headlights close behind thinking that if I braked, I might get rear-ended. The other part of the advice was that if you brake hard and your car dips in front, you might end up with the deer coming through your windshield. So I heeded the advice and kept going.

How about you? How many animals have you hit on the roads in the past few years? I spoke to our own Bob Williams and he's hit five in the past 23 years. That beats my three in 15 years, but I'm a little concerned about the next few months for sure. Eric Scott and I discussed the fact that in 1998 Princeton brought in sharpshooters to help reduce the deer that a solution that should be revisited? Insurance claim estimates show that there are more than 20,000 collisions each year between deer and cars. Of course this is better than a stimulus check for the car repair industry, but a bit on the dangerous side.

What should be done?

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