Lucy Rudeau lives in Fredon, New Jersey, which is in Sussex county.  Small town of just a few thousand people and as it turns out at least one endangered animal.  Minding her own business one day from inside her house Lucy saw something moving outside which made her grab a video camera.  Here is the video she posted.

Lucy saw a bobcat, which is one of only three endangered mammals (land mammals anyway) residing in New Jersey.  (The Indiana bat and the Allegheny woodrat are the others).

Bobcat sightings are rare, even for those trying to study them.  Bobcat populations declined in the 1800's as forests were cleared and by the 1970's it was believed they were extinct in the Garden State.  But between '78 and '82 the DEP released 24 bobcats back into the state.

Today they are considered an endangered species, but if they're anywhere, they're in the dense hardwood forests at the northern end of the state, near places like Lucy's house.  I hope you enjoy her video, but can anyone come up with a reason the video is set to a cover version of Katrina And The Waves' 'Walking On Sunshine'?

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