My eyes started to lose focus on reading when I turned 43. It was literally overnight. Now at 53, I'm still able to read road signs a mile away but focusing on a book, computer screen or a menu is getting troublesome.

Instead of going to an eye doctor, I just invested in readers/cheaters from local drugstores and now online, a pack of 6 for about $15. The problem is that I break them and lose them. I try to always have one in a jacket pocket and at my desk and in each car.

Sometimes I find that I empty my pockets over a couple of days and a nest of glasses develops on my night table and my desk.

The other problem is that the more you rely on the magnifiers the more you have to rely on them. I'm up to a 2.0 now and thinking that I'm going to reverse the trend by buying 1.75 and see if I can strengthen the muscles that handle my vision. We'll see if my theory is correct.

Steve Johnson via Unsplash
Steve Johnson via Unsplash

Is there a solution for the loss of the readers? Do you keep a pair in each car? Jacket? Room in your house? I feel like it's becoming a huge expense and making me crazy when I have a pile of six cheaters on my desk and I get into my car and arrive at the studio with none.

Am I the only one with this problem? Hit me up on the free New Jersey 101.5 app and let me know your story and solution. My daughter bought me a "granny chain" for Christmas, but I can't go there, not yet anyway!

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