You've heard of fat-shaming.

You've probably heard of slut-shaming. Of race-shaming. Even of lunch-shaming.

"There's fart-shaming — for somebody who does something naughty on a crowded elevator," Jim Gearhart says on this week's edition of the Jim Gearhart Show, live on Facebook every Thursday at 10:30 a.m., and available here as a podcast every week.

But this was a new one for Jim — skivvy-shaming.

According to a survey by underwear company Tommy John, 45 percent of Americans admit to wearing their undergarments at least two days in a row.

"I guess people are doing the sniff test," Jim suggests. But maybe a little shame is in order, he says, "if somebody is getting so gamy, that you have trouble getting near them."

And cohost Bob Williams has a suggestion to side step the issue all-together: "It's no wonder people don't go commando "

That's all in what you might call a free-wheeling episode of the Jim Gearhart Show. Check out the full-episode video above or podcast below for the rest.

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