There is no sign at any of the supermarkets we frequent of the coming reckoning of the single-use bag ban. Your supermarkets will no longer ask you "paper or plastic?" You will no longer have access to any of those bags you use for other things when you get home.

Some of us use them as lunch bags, for cleaning up after our pets, or small trash can liners. So they're not really single use. The same goes for the paper bags that we re-use all the time. What about the plastic bags in the produce department or sandwich bags and freezer bags? It doesn't matter.

New York City Council Votes Today On Proposed Plastic And Paper Bag Tax
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The virtue-signaling activists and politicians are celebrating their victory. A victory over nothing.

Other states have made exemptions and exceptions as time went on because it makes no sense. We are being led by people who make no sense but appeal to the emotional hemophiliacs that react to their showboating.

In a few weeks, you may see some stores selling more of their own bags with their logo on it. That's fine, it's free advertising and they're simply trying to adjust to the nonsense. Don't be caught off guard because it's less than a month away, coming May 4.

NZ Government Consider Banning Single-Use Plastic Bags
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So here are a couple of things you can order on Amazon to be prepared.

If you do a lot of grocery shopping each week and want to be organized as you shop, you might want to try these.

Or if you want to give the finger to our overlords, try these. you get over 300 of the same plastic bags they give you now, you'll just have to stuff a few in your pocket and bring them in with you.

If you really want to be a prick, you can pass them out to other shoppers who are annoyed at the nonsense as you are.

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