You gotta love Wawa for having so much fun with their birthday. Who knew that such an auspicious occasion as Wawa day could come upon us so suddenly? But here it is: the day where we celebrate Wawa‘s 54th birthday. Wawa loves to celebrate itself and its customers, and, of course, will give you a free coffee of any size in honor of their special day. But not only are they giving out free coffee (which as you know, Wawa loves to do), but this year they are also going to surprise you with a secret menu.

Stop reading here if you would rather go into the Wawa store to find out the secret. If you’re still with me, rumors online have it that all you need to do to access the secret surprise birthday menu is to touch the Wawa goose on the lower left corner of their ordering screen. (I’ve seen videos of this secret menu so it’s not actually a rumor anymore, but I don’t want to give you any more of a spoiler than I already have!) The “Goose click” opens up a special menu created just for today. And it’s fun! Now go see for yourself!!

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