You know the national coin shortage brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic is serious when Wawa does something like this. They are so desperate for coins to make change for cash paying customers that requests to pay in exact change or use a card aren’t cutting it anymore.

They are now offering free stuff for you to bring in your rolled change to exchange for bills. And you’ll really like the grand prize.

First, just for exchanging $5 worth of coins for $5 in paper money you will get a free drink; either a free coffee, ICEE or fountain drink.

If you bring in $50 of rolled coins and exchange it for $50 in bills you’ll get a free Shorti hoagie.

Any time you make an exchange you are entered into a drawing to win free Shorti hoagies for an entire year.

Don’t believe it? Here’s the press release.

Need the official rules? Here they are.

Folks, they need your coins. You need their hoagies. I’d say this is a beautiful quid pro quo and you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. We’re talking a hoagie every day for a year. We’re talking a value of $1,456. We’re talking get your butt into the attic and find that glass jar with all those coins and trade ‘em in at Wawa for the love of hoagies man!

Being born and raised in North Jersey of course I always bristle at what Wawa calls their delicious sandwiches. To me they are subs, never hoagies. Would Subfest have been so unthinkable? But it’s all location location location. Since Wawas were more plentiful and longer established in South Jersey hoagies it is.

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