If you don’t find anything funny in this video there’s something wrong with you. Whether it’s her panicky screams, her illogical craftsmanship of trying to build a spider killing tool, or the taunting from co-workers there’s something in this for everyone.

Quick backstory. Right before Thanksgiving we had Kylie Moore and Sam Doyle come on air to play against each other in a Thanksgiving trivia game. Because both are insanely afraid of bugs it was decided the loser would have to kill their own bug next time one was seen crawling at work (and not beg for someone else to do it as is standard).

Kylie lost. Which wasn’t truly fair because she was dominating the trivia until we found out Sam was an expert on A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. From then on we just made all the questions about that until he beat her. (Hey, we were just trying to keep it competitive; we didn’t know she would know NOTHING about the show!)

So one day at work it happened. A spider. Kylie was summoned like the National Guard. Sam is the guy behind the camera recording this, and Joe is serving as the Taunter-In-Chief. By the way, apologies for how this was recorded vertically and not horizontally; Sam was not thinking this would ever be shown publicly and only wanted to capture the bet payoff for himself.

What I love about this video:

No one knew this would ever be put on the website, so these co-workers are not playing to the camera. They are just being their weird selves as we see them every day during commercial and news breaks. And there’s something funny about them not knowing they’re going to be seen.

The fact that people have battled great white sharks with less screaming.

Kylie’s use of the word “weapons” and what she believes makes good ones.

Joe’s mocking Kylie’s lame attempts with a bravado that belies the fact he’s just as afraid of killing bugs as the other two.

What I love the most is when Erin Vogt finally wanders in from the newsroom to see what all the commotion is about and how she takes over the operations like a confident adult. Savage.

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