Kyle Gurkovich, a New Jersey math teacher, holds the world record for most pull ups in 24 hours with 4,182. The old record was 4,030. The video shows the moment he broke the record. Go here to see Kyle's official entry into the Guinness Book of World Records.

He did it all in the name of pediatric cancer awareness and fundraising, and he's doing it again. Last time, he tore something in his forearm at 1,000 pull ups in, but told no one. He fought through the pain. What really did him in from going beyond 4,182 is that he didn't have enough witnesses to fill a slot at 2 am so he had to take a 4 hour break.

Once that break was over, his muscles did what muscles do when you're forced to stop for that long. Kyle wants to raise more money for Sloan Kettering and increase his record, so he's going for it again hoping to reach 5,000 this time. Yes, he needs witnesses. Read more about his next attempt at the official website, especially if you'd like to be a witnesses and help out this great cause.