This is something too funny not to share. There's a comic/YouTuber/spiritualist, I'm not quite sure what to call this evil genius, who skewered NJ in a gently disguised manner. JP Sears has been doing an Ultra Spiritual series on YouTube. He plays sort of a vegan, earth hugging, modern day hippie type and just riffs on things. In this video, it was New Jersey's turn. Buckle in, this is a brutal 4 four minutes. He calls us out on our attitude, our gas laws, our lyme disease, even our volume. As someone born and raised here, I literally laughed out loud.

Okay let's break this down.

Where he's right...

Road rage? He nailed it.
Ticks? Yes, it's becoming an even bigger problem.
Gas laws? Yes, they are stupid.
Jersey shore tv show? Bingo.
Central Jersey? Not going to fight anymore about it.
Strong opinions? Hey, what do YOU think!?
Jersey traffic? Spot on.

Where he's wrong...


...yeah I couldn't think of anything either.

JP Sears is going to be at New Brunswick's Stress Factory Thursday through Saturday June 28 through 30.

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