Caution: There's some NSFW language in the video above.

Dashcams are becoming more popular. A guy who identifies himself only as Omar B. from Clifton is glad he has one since the incident an Van Houten Avenue.

He was driving behind a police car when all of a sudden the officer brake-checked him. The cop jumped out of his car all worked up, claiming Omar was tailgating him. Omar says he was not, evidenced, he says, by the fact he was able to stop in time and still left four feet of space between cars.

Then the officer says something hysterical. He says  the reason he slammed on his brakes was only because Omar was tailgating him and the officer was worried he was going to hit him.

I guess when you're worried about getting hit from behind slamming your brakes is the thing to do, yet somehow I missed that one in driver's ed.

Omar received a ticket for tailgating and two others. The officer is reportedly receiving a lot of scrutiny and an internal affairs probe for his conduct. And on the police Department's Facebook page, people are getting brutal.

"He was attempting to avoid an accident by attempting to cause one," Thongsouk Sharp wrote. Nice!"

"Wow, way to give officers a bad name," Wilson Peterson wrote. "My cousin and uncle are both officers and disgusted by this video."