Many of the remaining people who defend blocking the left lane on our highways ask, "If they're doing over the speed limit, then why should you go faster?"

Fair enough question. The answer is, "You're not the arbiter of how fast people go, and by doing so, by blocking people from passing you, you're causing danger."

Sometimes the left lane hogs will speed up when you try to pass on the right. That's the most egregious offender of all of them. If I'm in the left lane, it's to pass. There's even a sign that says, STAY RIGHT EXCEPT TO PASS.

That means if someone behind you wants to go faster, you move over when you can safely do so. As Jen Ursillo reports, an alarming amount of NJ drivers are unaware of this.

Some people set their cruise control at around 80 and just sit there. If you have a modern, late-model car, you know they can travel faster than that, conditions permitting. The condition most of the time is YOU GET OUT OF THE WAY.

If I'm doing 85 mph in the left lane and I see someone coming up faster behind me, I immediately and safely move over. It's the considerate and legal thing to do. Most people don't consider other people on the road. They do what they do and screw everybody else.

Monday while driving into work, I got behind one of these left-lane hogs, who wasn't going to budge. See the video below.

She wasn't speeding up, she just wasn't interested in what anyone else wanted or needed to do around her, so a line of cars passed on the right when they could.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis Malloy's own.

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