On a cold winter day in New Jersey (like today), there's nothing like a cup of hot soup (made in New Jersey) to warm you up!

LIFE 1970
An ad for these mugs in LIFE magazine, January 23, 1970. (Craig Allen photo)

I thought that these mugs were loooonnnnnggggg gone! I have fond memories of them as a child! Mom would pour the soup can's contents, and a can of water (or milk, if that's what the directions called for) into a pan, and turn up the heat on the stove.

A few minutes later, she'd pour the steaming soup (I especially loved "Chicken & Stars,"   "Chicken Noodle" and "Tomato") into one of these "Campbell Kids" mugs!

Instant relief from the cold (but always fun) snow...

Campbell Soup has been a Jersey tradition...headquartered/made in Camden...seemingly, forever!

The company began in 1869, owned by Joseph A. Campbell, a fruit-seller, and Abraham Anderson, an icebox manufacturer.  Anderson left in 1867.

In 1897, chemist  John Dorrance developed a method for condensing soup: Halving the water! Dorrance eventually bought out the Campbell family.

In 1898, the bright red and white color scheme was adopted. The layout of the can label has changed little since then!

LIFE 1943
LIFE magazine, March 1, 1943 (Craig Allen photo)

Since the 1940's, Campbell Soup Company has become one of the largest food companies in the world. It has diversified as well, producing more than soup....including breads and crackers, vegetable juices, broths, chocolate and more!

1943 closeup
"Nourishing soup for a nation at war" 1943 (Craig Allen photo)

As the videos and photos show, Campbell's has long been a leader in advertising. By the way, credit for the "Campbell Kids" goes to illustrator Grace Drayton.

So much for corporate history...

I'm so glad to have re-discovered these plastic (pre-microwave safe) mugs! Its an instant childhood memory!

Oh...did I mention that both sets of my grandparents had these mugs, too? At home here in New Jersey, or at Grandma and Grandpa's in Wisconsin, we were set!


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