Every time there's an attack around the world, many on social media change their profile pics to reflect the colors of the nation suffering the loss of innocents.

And every time there's another attack from Islamist, there's a full-on politically correct battle taking place on social media to make sure no group is victimized or blamed. The initial media reports about this week's attack in New York were rushing to judgment on every possible scenario, including road rage, instead of recognizing that this was an orchestrated attack carried out in a way we've seen before in countries around the globe.

After the massacre of innocents in Brussels in March 2016, I wrote about the need to be vigilant, recognize our enemy and fight to destroy them.

On Wednesday's show, I brought in a special guest who knows a bit about the fight against Islamist Terror. He's a former FBI special agent, federal air marshall and Navy SEAL. Jonathan Gilliam talked with me about the need to think like the bad guys and recognize the vulnerability we have as citizens just going about our normal schedules every day.

He gave me a simple "yes" answer when I asked him if our politically correct culture more worried about offending someone than protecting the populace was hurting law enforcement's ability to combat and defeat terrorism.

The interesting thing here is that other than the political distractions involved in resurrecting decades of failed gun-control measures within minutes of a mass shooting report, there are things we can do immediately to slow the spread of Islamists entering our country and then focus on the ones already here.

The U.S. State Department reported on terror-sponsoring nations and the dangers posed to our interests in 2016. The report included a study done regarding Uzbekistan, the country of origin of the latest terror suspect. I tweeted this out early Wednesday morning as details were emerging about the suspect.

Clearly, there's a known danger regarding immigrants from certain countries. The question is: Why they are included in the list of countries eligible for the annual Diversity Visa Lottery? The better question is: Why do we have a "Diversity Lottery" in the first place?

This seems to be one of those "seemed like a good idea at the time" ideas.

So action item No. 1 is to push through the courts and make certain that the current travel ban is working and legal, and then expand it dramatically. For starters, immediately ban travel from Uzbekistan and every other nation listed in the State Department report as "terror-harboring," and "most likely to be radicalized." This is not about race or religion. It's about evidence and knowledge that ISIS is already planning the next attack.

Then get rid of the lottery altogether. The president correctly blamed Sen. Chuck Schumer as he was the guy that wrote the law into the original immigration bill, but it's really not about Schumer or the GOP Senators who defend the lottery. It's about the president acting immediately to change the immigration laws and policy to protect our citizenry.

For those people who want to believe that you're more in danger from some crazy "right-winger with a gun," you're not, and the stats are not even close. The chances of being killed by an Islamic extremist are much higher. On the positive side, it could be much worse if not for the incredible actions taken by American law enforcement.

Law enforcement professionals in our federal, state and local governments are vigilant in their pursuit of public safety. They are on the job, despite the cries from the Politically Correct Left that counter-terrorism and surveillance activities are somehow racist and bigoted. Did you know that since 9/11 our brave LEO's in the FBI, Homeland Security, the CIA and local law enforcement have thwarted 97 terrorist plots? Right, 97. How many innocents civilians would have been brutally murdered had any of these plans been carried out?

Let's get a grip on reality. Counter-terrorism, surveillance and enhanced interrogation work. And we need these tactics to keep on working, and get more aggressive. Unfortunately, not all can be stopped and we've had our share of brutal murders. But look at what's happening across the globe and you get an idea of how critical it is to empower our Law Enforcement institutions and professionals.

Beyond implementing more aggressive law enforcement tactics, it's time to ignore the absurd argument that immigration policy, refugees and sanctuary cities and states don't play a role in our future security. It's time for real leaders who understand law enforcement and security to step up and act. Donald Trump is leading the way despite being attacked at every turn by some of the very people his policies are aimed to protect. It's time to reject weak and ignorant politicians who are more worried about their own ambition and reputation than they are about keeping our citizens safe.

On Nov. 7, if you're a registered voter in New Jersey, you have the opportunity to do something to protect our future. Reject the guy who has said publicly that he will stand in defiance of the president and federal law. Thoughts often become words, and words very often become actions. If Phil Murphy is governor, his actions may actually be putting our communities and families in danger.

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